​My Bio
About : Kimberly Mitchell

Over the last few years Kimberly has been on a journey exploring the different opportunities that the internet has to offer.  Her passion is to earn a income while working from home.  She enjoys life, seeing water falls, beaches, and watchng the sunset.

Being able to work from home has made it possibe for her to create her own work schedual, as well as spending qualty time with her husband William and 4 daughters Mary, Michelle, Merissa and Maylynn. 

Her mission is to build a legitimate internet business from home, live her dream lifestyle, travel the world and experience being able to teach and coach others to achieve their personal and business goals.

At the age of 18 Kimberly's goal was to become her own boss.  She started selling Tupperware became a mananger and built a team of 53 members. Then moved on to opening her 1st retail gift store at the age of 19.  Within the next 3 years she opened 1 more retail stote and 1 manufactiig faciltiy where her band name Mitchell's Sugar Free Chocoates were created and sold all over the world!

"Your lifes destiny is in your hands all you have to do is to take the first step"